Saturday 15 June 2024
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Learn a Few Tips for Shipping Your Classic Car

Learn a Few Tips for Shipping Your Classic Car

Many of you may be having a classic car with you that needs to be transported to a new place while moving your residence. Usually, a classic car will mostly be a vintage car that is driven occasionally within a limited area. So, there is no question of driving it on the highways to take it to a new place.

Therefore, you must look for a suitable car transport service like Ship a Car, Inc. who has got a good reputation in the market for safely transporting expensive cars from one location to another.

Before you decide to ship your classic car, you must do thorough research about the car shipping company after reading their reviews on the internet and also asking for feedback from an actual customer who has experienced their service. After that, you must ask them to send their free quotes.

You must also prepare your car and inspect it properly and thereafter you must hand over the car to the transporter. The following are a few tips that you must remember while shipping your classic cars.

  • Know the company

Your car is one valuable possession and you can hand it over only to any trustworthy company. Therefore, you need to ensure in all possible ways and fully satisfy yourself that you are handing over your car to a reliable company that will take care of your car.

  • Don’t wait until your last day for a booking

Shipping of your car may take several days and hence you should not wait for the last moment to book your car. You must therefore book early so that you may ensure that all the procedures are correctly followed and nothing is missed in a hurry.

  • Decide your preferred transportation

You can ship your car either in an open trailer, where your car will remain uncovered, or go for an enclosed trailer where your car will remain fully covered. However, there is a substantial difference in the shipping cost. So, decide on your best option.

  • Don’t choose your transporter solely on price

Don’t just go by the price while deciding your transporter. The company that offers quality service will surely charge you a bit higher for their service. Don’t compromise on the safety of your prized possession to save a few dollars and then regret it later.

  • Understand about the insurance coverage

You must enquire about the insurance coverage that is offered by your auto transport company and whether that is adequate to cover the cost of damage to your car. Know full details about their insurance and obtain a copy of their insurance for your future reference.

  • Follow all-important preparation procedures

Before you ship your classic car, you need to prepare the car by doing proper maintenance and servicing. Make sure that all the necessary papers are in order and all valuable items fitted in the car are removed and stored and packed them properly.

  • Be present during transport

Make sure that you are present when your car is loaded on the trailer and it has been positioned satisfactorily.