Monday 4 December 2023
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What Makes A Good Sound System?

What Makes A Good Sound System?

Your car speakers are the foundation of your car audio and sound production. Every other element is there to support the functionality and audible beauty of your speakers. However, with that said the other components can add or take away a lot from the benefits of your speakers. So choosing the right overall parts for your car stereo installation, is the most important step to creating a good sound system.

It is recommended that you do additional research on each brand before finalizing a decision but we will give you some tips and a general overview of the basic components so you can make the most of your car audio.


If you can’t turn your music on it won’t matter what speakers or audio system you have. Choose something that is easy to use, so that you and your passenger can easily play their favourite songs without stressing over how to do it.

You should think about where you want to be able to play songs from. If you use CDs then you need a disk drive, if you like the radio then check the radio options, or if you want wireless options check the bluetooth and Uconnect capabilities. It is vital that what you buy can be used in the way you want.


Subwoofers and other bass increasing implements are 100% optional. They are for people that like bass heavy music and want to feel the beat rather than just hear it. They increase the low tones of the music and enhance the experience. This is especially good for those that like Dubstep, EDM, hip hop or any kind of music that makes a deep and heavy statement.


As mentioned previously, these are the key to the whole sound system. They need to be able to work effectively with the other elements and you need to ensure that they are in the right position for optimum effect. The quality of the speakers is crucial. Most people generally determine how good a speaker is via how many watts it has but there are many varying factors that alter the quality, loudness and dispersion of sound. Therefore the best way to determine if your speakers are any good is to choose a good, well-known brand and check the customer reviews before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing any sound system you can ask a specialist in this department and they will be able to direct you to the best speakers, subwoofers and interface for your car. As with most car detailing, additions and accessories, your car stereo installation should be handled by a professional. This will ensure that you get to enjoy your music to the fullest, at its best quality and for a long time.