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How much does it cost to rent a coach bus for a week? 

How much does it cost to rent a coach bus for a week? 

A very common question among the readers is how much it costs to rent a bus. When you are going to hire a coach service for the first time, it is convenient to know that the rental price will vary based on a series of variables. Therefore, when requesting a quote, it is likely that from the transport company you ask about certain aspects of the journey.

Factors that determine the price of renting a bus:

The bus companies need to know the details of the travel plan so that they can calculate their basic costs and, from there, formulate a proposal for the client. The variables that will determine these costs are the following:

The number and size of coaches that will be needed: The number and size of coaches will depend, fundamentally, on the number of passengers to be transported. When requesting a quote it is advisable to know in advance what numbers of people are going to travel by bus. With this information, they will inform you about the type and size of vehicles that are best suited to your needs. An additional person could mean that he is obliged to hire a coach with more seats or even a second bus.

The route and the distance: The fuel costs for the trip depending on the distance that will be traveled. Most coach rental companies calculate their travel rates (fuel included) estimating a price between 1 pound and 1.50 pounds per kilometer, depending on the type of vehicle (not all vehicles offer the same consumption).

Service duration: The duration of the service usually consists of two elements: the driving time and the waiting time. For point-to-point trips with private driver service, the driving time is calculated from the moment the bus leaves the pick-up point until it returns. In the case of services in which a group is visiting several places with different stops, how much it costs to rent a bus will also come determined by the waiting time of the driver between the stop and stop. Finally, in the case of long trips lasting several days, the cost of the driver’s rest time to sleep outside the home will also be included in the cost.

The cost applied will depend on the duration of the service, the day of the week and time of day. It will not be the same if the service is on Sundays or holidays, if on a working day; or if it is a night service instead of a day service. The duration of the service can also condition the number of drivers that will be required. If the tour covers long distances exceeding 9 hours of driving or has programs that may exceed 15 hours of availability, it will be mandatory to have a second driver.

Other factors that determine the price:

Minimum fee: The bus hire companies have a minimum service fee. Thus, if a high number of hours but a few kilometers are hired, a minimum number of kilometers will be applied, proportional to the hours contracted.

Size and type of vehicles: There are understandable differences in the price between the rental of a coach of 54 seats or 19. And then, if you add services such as the bathroom, accessible systems for people with reduced mobility, free Wi-Fi and entertainment systems may also vary.