Wednesday 27 September 2023
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What to Opt for – OEM or Aftermarket Bike Parts

What to Opt for – OEM or Aftermarket Bike Parts

In case, you have been contemplating on purchasing OEM or aftermarket parts for your bike, the question would be difficult to answer. A majority of the times, the answer would be it depends on various factors. Foremost, you have to understand what you have been searching for and then avail enough appropriate information for making the best decision for your specific bike.

Availing OEM Parts

Foremost, you should know what you understand by OEM parts. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This does not have to imply that the original manufacturer produced them. A majority of motorcycle manufacturers do not make every item used in their motorcycles. Few have been designed and produced by outside companies. Moreover, these bikes have been installed with state of the art parts. However, some have been simply built and sold as OEM components. In spirit, they have been similar as the original item that would be used in the building of your motorcycle. Find below other imperative information about OEMs.

Costly products

They have been mostly more costlier than aftermarket components.

Similar performance

Performance, appearance and fit of OEMs would be similar as the original part.

Higher in quality

At times, insurance agents would tell you that OEMs have higher quality than aftermarket types. Therefore, these have been the best available options for replacing parts.


One more important thing to consider has been the length of your warranty or guarantee. In case, you breach your warranty, you could make it void. In case, your warranty has been valid, you should use only accepted components. Moreover, you could have them installed by authorized mechanics.

Purchasing Aftermarket Parts

Manufacturers of aftermarket motorcycle parts would be required to apply for the right to reproduce a component. These items could be ordered to alter or personalize your bike. The aftermarket parts should perform equally or better than OEMs. Moreover, after a period, the original bike manufacturer would allow the original producer of the part to sell it in his or her own packaging. It would be mostly at a good discount.

However, you would be required to ensure you know what your warranty or guarantee period has been. In a majority of cases, installation of aftermarket part by an unauthorized mechanic would void your guarantee or warranty. In case, you have been searching to enhance the performance of your bike, you should look forward to finding aftermarket parts.

The main point about RMstator motorcycle parts have been that you should have comprehensive information before purchasing the right parts for your bike.