Saturday 15 June 2024
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The Car Parts You Can (and Should) Buy Used

The Car Parts You Can (and Should) Buy Used

Ask a handful of drivers what their favourite make of vehicle is, and they will tell you that it is Peugeot. Peugeot has a number of different models, from compact vehicles to roomy family-sized automobiles to sporty models like the 208 GTi.

No time is a good time for your Peugeot to need a repair, but when it needs to be fixed it is important that you or your mechanic know where to go.

Buy Used Car Parts

Buying New Car Parts

A driver’s first instinct is to purchase a new part for their vehicle, but if you have compared the prices of used parts and new parts before, you know that the difference in cost can be astronomical. With that said, there are some parts that should always be purchased brand new, such as:

  • Airbags and airbag sensors
  • Batteries
  • Bearings
  • Brake discs, rotors and pads
  • Tyres
  • Water pumps
  • Ignition-related parts

What you may be surprised to hear, however, is that you can purchase many parts used if they are in good condition or have been reconditioned.

Buying Used Car Parts

There are far more used car parts available to you than you may think. Some parts that you can reuse if they are in good condition include:

  • Air boxes
  • Body panels and body parts, including bumpers
  • Carburetors (if you are rebuilding them)
  • Coolant reservoirs
  • Cooling fans
  • Door lock actuators
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Hubcaps
  • Window motors
  • Mirrors
  • Stereos
  • Lights

Used Car Lights

Other parts can be reconditioned so that they are acceptable for use in your Peugeot. The most common parts that are reconditioned include:

  • ABS CPUs and sensors
  • A/C compressors and condensers
  • Break drums
  • Engine blocks
  • Fuel injection units
  • Transmissions
  • Master cylinders
  • Power locks
  • Power window switches
  • Power steering pumps

Power steering pumps

Where to Find Good-Quality Used Vehicle Parts?

The salvage or breaker yard is the obvious place to go when you need to find a used car part, but it is not always the best decision. Salvage yards can be incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming, particularly if you sink hours into scavenging through vehicles and end up not finding the part or the right make and model of vehicle. Often you also need to be able to retrieve the part yourself, which can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing or if the part is too large for you to manage on your own.

Fortunately, there are websites like 24/7 Spares, which have already done the salvaging and searching for you. This website allows users to search for Peugeot car parts from the comfort of their home, order them online and have them delivered to their home or shop. The parts are guaranteed and are delivered the next day. If you can’t find Peugeot parts – visit us now online.

Quality Used Vehicle Parts

Wherever you go for your car part, make sure that you know which part you need before you buy. If you are not sure which car part you need, make an appointment with a local mechanic or attend a local swap meet for extra help.