Wednesday 27 September 2023
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The 5 Unquestionable USPs of Truebil That Make It the Most Reliable Used Car Marketplace

The 5 Unquestionable USPs of Truebil That Make It the Most Reliable Used Car Marketplace

With the increased demand of used cars in Mumbai, various online marketplaces have evolved bringing a great range of used cars to used second hand car seekers. All these marketplaces claim to offer you best quality pre-owned cars in Mumbai. But one of such marketplace that is quite different and superior from the rest is Truebil. Truebil is a team of qualifies professionals that has dedicated all its efforts for helping people like you in Mumbai to get verified and tested used car at best possible rate. The very own car purchasing experience of Truebil professionals in Mumbai inspired them to evolve such a marketplace that can work hard for public and make them meet with their dream car. Here are the various USPs of Truebil that make it different from other used car marketplaces.

Used Car Marketplace

Totally Verified and Tested No-Accident Cars

The complete inventory of used cars with Truebil are 100% verified and tested. A team of mechanical engineers verify all the cars with the sellers and once a car passes all the tests as per the standards set by Truebil, only then it gets listed online for sale. Truebil is known to sell second hand cars that have never gone through any major accident to ensure that the buyer can get car in best possible condition. In addition to technical tests, Truebil also keep an eye on the previous history of the car to make sure its authenticity. The professionals also ascertain if it is register as stolen or is it been under debt or not.

Detailed Inspection Report of the Cars

One of the best and unique thing offered by Truebil that shows the transparency of their whole procedure is the detailed car inspection report that they offer to the buyer. This report mentions all about the scratches, dents, repaints and more. All this information gives you actual insights of the car used are looking to purchase. You will not be able to find such transparency with any other used car marketplace online.

Enhanced Support for Car Buyers

Unlike any other online second hand car marketplace, Truebil not only limit its services up to handing over the car to you rather, it also supports with effective insurance renewal services. It also helps you arrange finances through its banking partners. In addition to this Truebil also backs up you with emergency road side assistance facility on its sold used cars in Mumbai. All these facilities offered by this marketplace are just awesome and unique which can attract any of the used car seeker in Mumbai.

Easy Side By Side Car Comparisons

Another unique and innovative USP of Truebil is that it offers side by side comparison of cars. This feature lets you compare all the features of two to three cars simultaneously thus this helps you decide easily about which car could be ideal for you. Ranging from mileage, kilometers utilized and price, you can compare all such factors of multiple cars with one another and thus go further with one that you find much suitable for yourself. This comparison option can greatly help you in finding the perfect used car match for you.

Best Used Car Rates Ever on Truebil

The price is always the most important factor that of course matter the most for a buyer. At Truebil, you will find the prices are set genuinely for all the available second hand cars. The self-correcting pricing engine is behind the set pricings of all the used cars on Truebil. The pricing engine also have price depreciation curve that is updates regularly as per the market price of a particular model of second hand car. The worth price is calculated with the help of curve for a particular car and then it is compared to the seller’s price. In case if seller asks for greater price it is negotiated up to the worth price before the car gets listed for sale online. Thus a buyer will need to pay only the worth price of the car. This shows the higher level of transparency and rate fixation policy of Truebil.

All these above mentioned points are one of the best parts that are offered by Truebil to every second hand car seeker. So if you are looking for used cars in Mumbai, get registered to Truebil and start your used car search online today.