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Safety Issues that Travellers to Las Vegas Must Take into Consideration

Safety Issues that Travellers to Las Vegas Must Take into Consideration

Las Vegas is nicknamed as Gambling & Entertainment Capital of the World. It is therefore natural that it attracts a lot of travelers from around the globe. To keep the fun and entertaining spirits in positive books, the safety precaution needs to be followed.

Here are a few things every person must take into consideration while traveling to Las Vegas.

  • Jaywalking

When someone crosses the street through its middle instead of at the available intersections, it is called Jaywalking in the US. It is a dangerous and illegal practice in Las Vegas. On citing, one can be fined for a minimum of $350.

  • Unlicensed Street Vendors

There are many unlicensed street vendors on the Vegas strip. They are not legally licensed or permitted to sell food or drink for public consumption. The portable coolers on the Vegas strip are illegally selling cold water to the people. There were also instances when these street vendors are caught with bottles repackaging and reselling with tap water, which is highly unsafe for drinking.

  • Driving and Pedestrian safety

There are more pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas. It is mostly because of excess of free drinks and lack of sleep hampers their judgment to follow the pedestrian’s rules. As per rule, the pedestrians should only use crosswalks designated to cross the road and that too, upon the signal. One should not walk or stand at the edge of the curb. The area of Vegas Strip is especially prone to accidents. It is advisable to accompany someone local while driving safely to Vegas. The pedestrian accident from a vehicle is more common here.

  • Educate yourself about Clark County Code: CC0 12.33.010

Do not violate Clark County Code: CCO 12.33.010. After jaywalking, Disorderly Conduct – CCO 12.33.010 is the second most common offense, most tourists fall a victim to. Alcohol is the major culprit for any disorderly conduct. The following acts are considered unlawful, under Clark County Code: CCO 12.33.010:
(a) Being a participant in a fight
(b) Provoking another person to fight
(c) Using obscene and abusive language to address another person

(d) Breaching the peace norms

(e) Being culprit of creating a disturbance
(f) Harassing, buttonholing another to create a disturbance

    The pumping environment, free alcohol, and negative gambling results may cause an adrenaline rush and land you into trouble of disorderly conduct.

  • Careful venturing off the Vegas Strip

The reason for which Vegas city is famous makes it apparent for authorities to make it a safer city for tourists. In this respect, the major venturing areas are well lighted, patrolled by metro police on bicycles and horseback and there are cameras at every corner of the major streets. However, one must rely on its own sense of safety and defense.

It is unsafe to venture off the Vegas strip and the section north of Encore, especially alone and at night. There is a lack of street lights in these areas.

  • Consuming Liquor

It is banned to consume liquor in open glass and aluminum containers, on the Vegas Strip and Fremont Street Experience. Only plastic cups are allowed for consuming liquor in these areas.

  • Safe carrying of your winnings

The winnings from your lucky day must be cautiously carried to your place of stay. Showcasing or counting money while walking down the strip, may lead you into trouble. Even a loud discussion over it in the public can invite unwanted attention. To be safe, do not carry heavy jackpot as cash, instead convert it into check; in case you will have to carry cash, you request a security escort to your car or room.

Be vigilant, be safe and enjoy your wins.