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Guidelines to choose your car battery

Guidelines to choose your car battery

Imagine you have gone for a trip and when you want to drive back to your home, your car does not start.  You see low battery warning signs. This may be because while buying the car you must not have identified the right battery. Well, Car batteries Toronto have a complete checklist with which you can zero down on the battery which is best for you. Thus, now you can drive your car without many hurdles.

You should know that the car battery is an important part of your car system and just buying any battery is incorrect.

There are certain basic terms for batteries which you should know such as Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating, Cranking Amps (CA), Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC).

  • Cars have a 12 V voltage system
  • The Ampere-hour (AH) rating tells you how powerful the battery is. It measures the current level of a battery.
  • The Cranking amp rating of the battery means the peak current delivered through the battery in thirty seconds at 0 °C.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is cranking amperes at –18 °C.
  • Both CA and CCA are helpful where there is extreme cold. A good CA and CCA will enable the car to start easily in cold weather. Car batteries Toronto advises you to use your car twice or thrice in a week to keep the battery charged up.

Now let us check out the guidelines for selecting the right battery for your machine

  • Read the Owner’s Manual

When you buy a car, you get a chance to read the user manual. It provides information about all the basic parts of the car. Here you can also check out the battery dimensions and the ampere-hour ratings, the CA, CCA ratings. Even you can check the body of the existing battery to gather all the details.

  • Car batteries Toronto suggest you choose a battery with high Ah rating. Low AH battery will give you problems while starting the car. This mainly happens in cold weather. Even your battery gets discharged fast.
  • Do not go for a battery with too much AH rating. This will slow down the charging and give more load to the alternator.
  • Higher CCA battery is advisable where the temperature becomes too low.
  • A battery having Reserve Capacity is useful when alternator of your car fails. It helps in keeping the car to run for a longer duration.
  • Check the dimensions of the battery so that it fits in the car easily.
  • You should take care of battery maintenance so that at the time of replacement, you get the desired one.
  • Lead Acid batteries and Dry Cell batteries are some common types of batteries which is available at Car Batteries Toronto. Dry cells are the expensive ones.
  • Check the manufacturing date of the battery. If the date is not mentioned, you may find the code where data is given.
  • 6 months old battery which is manufactured is considered a fresh one.
  • The battery has a warranty card which you need to keep safe. It is useful at the time of replacement.