Saturday 15 June 2024
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Four Important Tips when Installing a New Stereo Gear

Four Important Tips when Installing a New Stereo Gear

When it comes to new car radio installation, especially stereo gear, you will need to disable your car for a bit. You must know the approximate length of time it will be out of commission. Surely, manufacturers can provide instructions for your car but expected delays can still take place. Those instructions may not include things like running the wires for a Bluetooth® microphone and a video cable for a backup camera. Thus, it is best to take time planning for the installation. Also, consider the following tips when installing new stereo gear:

Determine the Options your Car Originally Included

Although this can be difficult to do, it is usually good to know these things so you can figure out the aftermarket products and adapters that are compatible with your car. For instance, the Regular Production Option (RPO) sticker in and around your glove compartment may help you find the original setup. After you retrieve the codes, you can start looking them up online and know what to work with.

Find Openings that Could Help You

Before you mount anything, try to do some scouting. You might need to run the cables for the Bluetooth microphone for your receiver and a USB connection. After removing the factory radio, you can put a worklight over and under the dash so you can clearly see creases where light showed. Also, you may also have to remove the panel over the center dash speaker to find little openings you could work with to fish wires through to their destinations.

Protect the New Gear your Bought

When you install a car stereo, you might not be able to grab it gently. Often, the manufacturer includes a thin, plastic film over the display. In the case of a touchscreen receiver, you can leave the film on until you complete the wiring and mount the stereo loosely in the dash to check the sound. The film will protect the screen from scratches and smudges. If your receiver has a detachable faceplate, remove it from the chassis while working the stereo into the dash.

Keep those Little Parts

When removing older gear to install the new one, you will usually pop out fasteners and remove screws. Make sure you keep these parts because you might have to reuse them for the new gear. To make sure you don’t lose them, keep them out of the way while you work.