Monday 4 December 2023
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All You Need To Know About Car Shipping Services

All You Need To Know About Car Shipping Services

Are you seeking car transport services but finding various factors and charges overwhelming? Your search ends here! In this comprehensive guide, you will get into car transportation, shedding light on the essential components impacting costs. You will uncover any concealed fees that require attention, offer advice on securing accurate price estimates, discuss variations in insurance across different transport methods, and even explore the potential cost savings from shipping multiple cars simultaneously.

So, prepare yourself for an enlightening journey as we equip you with the knowledge to make well-informed choices regarding your car shipping requirements.

Arrangement and Options

Auto transport service arranges the relocation of your vehicle, giving you the option of enclosed or open trailers. You can choose between door-to-door service or dropping off and picking up your car at a terminal tailored to your preference. 

Research and Communication

Before finalizing any contract, it’s wise to conduct research. Compare rates and read online reviews to make an informed decision. Once you’ve chosen Martinito Motors, communicate your timeframe and discuss available choices with the team.

Vehicle Preparation

To ensure safe transit, remove loose items from the interior and prepare your vehicle. Keeping the gas tank to a quarter-full is advised to manage weight and costs. Disabling alarms and removing any detachable elements like spoilers helps prevent damage during transportation.

Timing and Delivery

The time it takes for your vehicle to reach its destination varies based on distance and logistics. Martinito Motors may have prior commitments, so anticipate a waiting period before transporting your car. While specifying a delivery date might incur an additional cost, we strive to meet your preferences.

Hidden Fees You Should Know About

Pickup and Drop-off Charges

These fees include collecting your car for shipment and delivering it to the intended location.

Fuel Adjustment Fee

To account for fluctuating fuel costs, a fuel surcharge is levied to cover the expense of higher fuel prices.

Insurance Coverage

Some car shipping firms stipulate the purchase of insurance to safeguard your vehicle in case of an unforeseen accident during transit.

Storage Costs

When your vehicle isn’t ready for shipping as scheduled, you might incur storage fees for the period it remains with the shipping company.

Added Services Impact

Additionally, select car shipping companies extend extra services like vehicle detailing or roadside assistance, contributing to the overall shipping cost.


Do Insurance Costs Differ Between Various Transport Methods?


Open Transport

The most prevalent and economical car shipping approach is open transport. Vehicles are loaded onto open trailers exposed to weather and potential road debris. Despite its affordability, open transport usually comes with lower insurance expenses due to the higher risk of damage or theft associated with this method.

Enclosed Transport

Offering a heightened safeguard for your vehicle, enclosed transport entails shipping it within an enclosed trailer. This shields it from external elements like weather, dust, and debris. Due to the enhanced security and added protection, insurance costs for enclosed transport are typically higher than for open transport.

Terminal-to-Terminal vs. Door-to-Door

The choice between terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door service also influences insurance costs. Terminal-to-terminal service involves designated drop-off and pick-up locations, while door-to-door service offers direct pickup and delivery. Door-to-door service often incurs slightly higher insurance costs due to increased handling and transportation risks.

Broker vs. Carrier Insurance

During the car transport, intermediaries (brokers) may link you with the actual carriers. Both brokers and carriers could have their insurance coverage. Clarifying insurance specifics with both parties to guarantee comprehensive coverage is essential. Insurance costs can vary based on the options and policies brokers and carriers offer.


Transporting your vehicle may seem daunting, but you can ensure a smooth delivery armed with the right information and adequate preparation. Gaining insight into shipping expenses, conducting thorough carrier research, readying your vehicle for transportation, selecting suitable insurance coverage, and identifying dependable shippers are all crucial steps when shipping your car. By adhering to the guidance provided in this article, you’ll enjoy the assurance of having made well-informed choices throughout the entire journey.

For any inquiries, you can connect on the evening number. With Martinito Motor‘s skilled carriers experienced in automotive transport, putting your shipment up for consideration is effortless and free of hassle. Don’t delay any further – initiate the process today!