Friday 21 July 2017
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How to Make Your Car More Productive

For many people out there in the world productivity and efficiency is an obsession and a strong passion. There are people that have the uncanny ability to find ways to improve small processes in their lives in order to squeeze more productivity out of their time and energy. For lots of people that type of obsession can get unhealthy, and nerve-wracking, but many successful people know how to find sweet ways to do this in their lives.

Lots of successful and extremely busy people understand how to appreciate their time. Entrepreneurs and organizers that run around and coordinate with lots of different people all day know that multitasking can be a nice boost to their daily abilities and peace of mind. But, multi-tasking has to be managed very carefully. Picture that busy businessman or business woman stepping out of an elevator while talking on the phone with someone, probably with terrible connection, talking to their assistant at the same time, and typing a text to another person through an ipad. That’s multi-tasking, but disastrous and inefficient multi-tasking. The key to being more productive while multitasking is to ensure that the quality of your attention and resources does not dissipate. Quality is always key, especially when dealing with efficiency and productivity. The key, then, is to find simple yet effective ways to multitask without destroying your focus or quality of work. One excellent example is by having the right tools and gadgets in your car to help your daily life. For lots of people, the car is a good time to be productive. For example, get a good, stable, and long phone-charger for your phone. Anytime you are in the car, you can spend time charging your phone while doing something else. Multi-tasking, it’s simple but effective. You can also get a bluetooth adaptor so you can have hands-free ability to get on the phone while in the car. There are all sorts of gadgets you can get to make the time spent in your car more productive. Take a look through these Groupon Coupons for Abt for different electronics and productivity boosters. The key is to make small, rational changes and overtime get in the habit of being more productive.